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Team Building activities are one of the best options that companies have to develop the benefits of their employees, through games or challenges.  


At NatureLousã, we have original solutions to improve the skills of your employees, working on communication, proximity, managers or team spirit, or simply spend a day in conviviality and relaxation, but with lots of fun.


We have programs with more radical and challenging games, such as Climbing, Rappelling, Slide or Canoeing, where inter-help and encouragement from the team are fundamental to overcoming them, or programs with games that test intelligence, imagination or the spirit of team collaboration, always supported by certified and motivated monitors, with extensive experience and training.

However, performed by a group of friends, they provide hilarious and relaxing moments and are a way to spend a day of healthy competition and coexistence.

We develop our activities in Serra da Lousã , in Aldeias do Xisto or along the Ceira River , but always in safe places and with stunning landscapes.

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