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It is one of the most challenging activities in Sport-Adventure.  

It consists of wearing a neoprene suit and going down rivers, streams or waterways, using climbing techniques.  like rappelling, zip line or slide,  stumbles and jumps into the water.  


Descending a waterfall in rappelling, suspended from a rope or jumping from several meters in height to a lagoon of crystal clear water, are some of the challenges they face and that make this sport a true dive into nature.



  1 Talasnal  

  2 Quelhas River

  3 Ribeira de Pena

All canyons are in Serra da Lousã  

equipped by NatureLousã Turismo e Aventura

Our activity includes:

- 5.5 mm neoprene suit, neoprene socks, helmet and harness,

- food reinforcement,

- monitoring by certified monitors,

- personal accident and civil liability insurance,

- and lots of ANIMATION.

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